Bandcamp A2Z: W is for…

Links to each band’s Bandcamp site contained within the heading.

The Wind-Up Birds

You can remember sometimes how you first hear of bands and the Wind-Up Birds, hailing from Leeds, came to my attention courtesy of Mr Music, Stew Black. Clever lyrics backed by post-punk melodies, they were a band John Peel would have adopted, propelling them onto the greater things they deserve.

This is a taster of the new record ‘Desire Paths’ which “will be out in a bit”.

And fine stuff it is as well. They have their own Bandcamp page, hence very logically, their inclusion here. This is the first song I heard:

While these remain firm favourites

Witching Waves

A London-based band, Witching Waves layer their post-punk sound over rhythms which wouldn’t have been amiss on early Long Ryders releases.

Formed in 2013, they financed their own debut single before releasing Concrete as a Cassette Single in 2014 on Scottish label Soft Power Records. Two albums, 2014’s Fear of Falling Down and 2016’s excellent Crystal Cafe followed.

These three tracks give you a flavour of a band well worth a further listen to.

The Wolfhounds

Included on NME’s C86 compilation, the Wolfhounds are best known to some, i.e. me, as being a former home to Matt Deighton before he moved onto Mother Earth. And even that was something I read in passing.

The band formed in ’85 and split in 1990 but reformed a decade ago and are kicking out some fine post-punk with two new albums in the past three years.

If you want to find out more, their debut album from 1987, Unseen Ripples From A Pebble, has been re-released and is available on their Bandcamp site. This was their second single from 1986:

And from more recent times, these two tracks are taken from 2016’s Untied Kingdom (…or how to come to terms with your culture):

Hannah Williams

Having honed her techniques with the Tastemakers, Hannah Williams is now backed by the Affirmations and their first album together is R’n’B porn, to be honest. Lie back and think of Stax…

And one from an earlier album with the Tastemakers, Hill of Feathers:


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