Records of the Week in 140 Characters: 6th October 2017


The Blow Monkeys: The Wild River

More acoustic than in their heyday, the tunes are no less catchy nor the lyrics any less biting. On the Wings of the Morning and Wild River are the stand-out tracks.


Billy Bragg: Saffiyah Smiles

Low-slung Hammond over a snare drum gives a Sunday morning feel. An outstanding celebration of Saffiyah Khan’s action in the face of the EDL as a call to arms for solidarity.


The Selector: Daylight

More laid-back than the frenetic ska of the Two Tone era. No less punchy, Frontline and Pass the Power bookend a beautifully woven forty-minute journey.

Snapped Ankles: Come Play The Trees

Outstanding indie-electronica, wearing the influence of John Foxx-era Ultravox firmly on its new wave sleeves.

P.P. Arnold: The Turning Tide

Proper Rhythm and Blues, veering from the bluesy Children of the Last War through all points to strings of High and Windy Mountain. All held together by the still gorgeous voice of P.P. Arnoldm digging into the very soul of the music.

Display Homes: Climate Change

If power pop is the comfort food for your soul, then this trio from Down Under don’t disappoint. Straightforward in Climate Change, there’s a hint of Poly Styrene in Men, with menace in Bist Du Da on this three-track 7″.

Len Price 3: Kentish Longtails

The Medway’s favourite mod combo deliver their most consistent album to date. A vibrant collection of sixties-influenced cutting guitars delivered with the usual vim and vigour.

The Burning Hell: Revival Beach

From the indie pop of Canadian Wine to the darkness of The Troll and the perky The River (Never Freezes Anymore) woven on a wondrous loom of baroque indie folk.

Wild Billy Childish & CTMF: Conflicted Mind

More lo-fi genius from Mr Billy Childish with two tracks of angular guitar and solid no-nonsense punk sensibilities.

Emiliana Torrini: Fisherman’s Woman

Beautifully sparse acoustics with a seductive charm in her voice, Emiliana Torrini’s 2006 release is reprinted into a gorgeous double album.

The Exploited: Punk’s Not Dead

It isn’t, just repackaged and expanded with singles.

Liam Gallagher: As You Were



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