Times of our Lives: 2003 – Shopping

A funny thing happened to me on the way to the car earlier this week. Time travel, almost; certainly in my mind’s eye. Returning to the car after whiling away an hour or so whilst my oldest son attended an interview at a prospective college, I found myself with an hour to kill and almost missing the Rough Trade shop in Lace Market.

“Almost” is the operative word. Had I known it was there previously, we would have missed out on a fine Tapas lunch. Since reacquiring a turntable, I find myself falling back in line with the experience of record shopping and forgoing the completest nature which CDs bring out in me.

Especially deluxe versions which contain all known mixes of a song plus the original demo and 15 remixes of that, as well as a recording from an obscure Latvian concert which has never previously been released. But I’ve got the bootleg…

That kind of completeness isn’t a joy when looking at a 5″ square piece of plastic. There’s something infinitely more pleasurable in flicking through racks of records than CDs. Apparently record shops don’t have overnight security guards – the pay might be rubbish but it comes with access to a great record collection.

There was also a rite of passage in this visit. My oldest son bought me a record. A proper record, a vinyl; not a CD but an LP. Unknown Pleasures since you wondered, replacing a worn out of the original release.

That’s the bizarre thing about vinyl. For a few years I hadn’t had a turntable – about five or six – but I couldn’t bring myself to part with the collection of lps and singles. I have no idea why.

So to this playlist. 2003; it feels like it’s taken 2003 years to publish but here we go. Enjoy.

Title  Band
Big Sur  The Thrills
Don’t Think You’re the First  The Coral
Westside  Athlete
The Red Rocks Of Spain  The Men They Couldn’t Hang
Red Morning Light  Kings of Leon
Tell Balgeary, Balgury Is Dead  Ted Leo and the Pharmacists
Expo ’86  Death Cab for Cutie
Red Hot Moon  Rancid
Science Of Silence  Richard Ashcroft
Seven Nation Army  The White Stripes
If She Wants Me  Belle & Sebastian
We Will Become Silhouettes  The Postal Service
Thickfreakness  The Black Keys
Don’t Look Back Into The Sun  The Libertines
Molly’s Chambers  Kings of Leon
The Science Of Selling Yourself Short  Less Than Jake
Talkin’ Gypsy Market Blues  The Coral
Fuck Me Pumps  Amy Winehouse
You Got The Style  Athlete
Transatlanticism  Death Cab for Cutie
Roy Walker  Belle & Sebastian
Such Great Heights  The Postal Service
Tour De France  Kraftwerk
Buy It In Bottles  Richard Ashcroft
Have Love Will Travel  The Black Keys
The Undefeated  Super Furry Animals
Secret Kiss  The Coral
Where Have All the Rude Boys Gone  Ted Leo and the Pharmacists
I Loved The Summer Of Hate  The Men They Couldn’t Hang
One Horse Town  The Thrills
Title And Registration  Death Cab for Cutie

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