Jukebox Classics: #5 The Songs Primal Scream Covered

The fifth in the series Jukebox Classics – the other four can be found here – features a turn from Primal Scream. I don’t claim to be a huge fan and didn’t particularly take any notice of them before the release of the Screamadelica. The odd track here and there but I think I was more interested in finding out if Bobby Gillespie played on The Wake’s Talk About The Past than hunting down Primal Scream records. He didn’t before you ask. And yes, I probably only bought Talk About The Past because it sounded like a New Order cast-off.

Some of their cover versions are interesting, in an unexpectedly good way. A blues rock version of The Clash’s Know Your Rights works a lot better than it sounds on paper while 96 Tears sounds unrecognisable to the original. Which I guess is what you want from a cover version; the ground shifting from under the comfort of a familiar tune.

Gillespie comments, “B-sides are meant to be fun“, and I remember the punk/new wave singles tended to be that and remained so until record companies decided that 7-minute remixes or radio edits were a cheaper – or more profitable – way of getting sales. Or four different remixes of a single on two separate records.

I used to buy twelve inch singles first and foremost, only venturing into the seven inch version if there was a different b-side. Then when the record companies – and I think ZTT were the culprits – went down the route of different versions of remixes, I moved on to rarely buying singles at all. Albums became my preferred choice but looking back, I’m not sure if that was more to do with getting a wage or whether it was some statement of consumer protest. The former I’m guessing.

I’m glad though, vinyl is making a comeback but seeing singles now selling for Β£9.99? I’ll stick with albums, even though they are hellishly expensive by comparison to their former glories.

Anyway, onto this morning’s playlist:


Title Artist
Urban Guerilla Hawkwind
Ramblin’ Rose Jerry Lee Lewis
Know Your Rights The Clash
I Want You The Troggs
Gimme Some Truth John Lennon
Some Velvet Morning Nancy Sinatra
Slip Inside This House The 13th Floor Elevators
Diamonds, Fur Coat, Champagne Suicide
It’s Not Enough Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers
City Slang Sonic’s Rendezvous Band
96 Tears ? & The Mysterians
Darklands The Jesus and Mary Chain
I’m Gonna Make You Mine The Shadows Of Knight
Understanding Small Faces
So Sad About Us The Who
Over and Over Fleetwood Mac
To Live Is To Fly Townes Van Zandt
I’m Five Years Ahead Of My Time The Third Bardo
Motorhead Hawkwind
Cold Turkey John Lennon
Born To Lose Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers

6 thoughts on “Jukebox Classics: #5 The Songs Primal Scream Covered

  1. Totally great list but you forget one!

    Which was by Grinderman, Nick Cave’s side project

    Maybe just these bonus tracks or something?


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