Record of the Week: Wedding Present – Home Internationals

David Gedge’s back catalogue for both Wedding Present and Cinerama is a testament not just to his creativity but a monument to indie music. John Peel’s approval is the icing on the cake, as well as a fitting epitaph for when the final curtain is drawn. “The boy Gedge,” he said, “has written some of the best love songs of the rock’n’roll era – you may dispute this, but I’m right and you’re wrong.”

Three decades on from the classic debut, George Best, the Wedding Present are going strong. A hiatus as Cinerama, the enduring appeal of the songwriting is such that gigs and events still sell-out. And arguably, more diverse than before but with a reassuring familiarity.

A new EP, named after the little-lamented annual British international football tournament, is released today. The tracks named after the four home nations, are predominantly instrumentals.

Scotland, the opening and slower track, is the soundtrack to a film waiting to be shot. Tranquility pervades the sparsely populated song, flowing through the sonic valleys of the Highlands. If you like, it feels like their Restless Natives.

Northern Ireland is jauntier song; the songs traverses an evening out, with the lively start fading as the revelry ends, shirts untucked and ties askew, hanging half-cocked in a slow dance.

Simon Armitage, the poet, recites his work The English, over the track England, with the familiar spiky guitars spiralling a crescendo of feedback replacing a lowdown guitar and bass introduction.

The quartet closes with the familiar Wales, included on last year’s Going Going…

You can buy The home internationals E.P. here.


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