Times of our Lives: 1992 – Farewell, So Long, Adieu

Aah, 1992. A particularly nondescript vintage for the purposes of this blog, or perhaps a case of what happened probably isn’t suitable for these pages.

We said a big “hello” to:

  • Jack Wilshere
  • Later…with Jools Holland
  • Carl Jenkinson
  • Laura Trott
  • Absolutely Fabulous
  • Selena Gomez

At which point I stopped this list, realising my own disinterest in the cult of celebrity for which the 21st century will be remembered, is a bit of a handicap in compiling these things.

We also welcomed In Bed With Medinner, which could be hit and miss but gave us a memorable moment when Nick Heyward covered The Jam and not in a song which was obvious, either.

And I have to say, bloody good it is as well.

Fond farewells on the other hand were said to

  • The Big Match
  • Dangermouse
  • Van Der Valk
  • Rainbow
  • ‘Allo ‘Allo
  • Jack Kelsey
  • Frankie Howerd
  • Benny Hill
  • Robert Morley
  • Denholm Elliott
  • Magnus Pyke
  • Dan Maskell
  • Isaac Asimov
  • Marlene Dietrich (who, I confess, I thought had died years before)
  • John Sturges
  • Ted Croker
  • Eddie Kendricks
  • Mary Wells
  • The Las
  • The Primitives
  • Wire
  • MC5 (see Marlene Dietrich)
  • Slade (ditto)
  • Fine Young Cannibals, and,
  • Nirvana 2002, who were years ahead of their time.

In the charts, the music taste of the British public was, as ever, crap. Among the list of wholly unimpressive N° 1’s, we’ve got Bohemian Rhapsody, the instantly forgettable Goodnight Girl from Wet Wet Wet – and I genuinely can’t remember it – Shakespear’s Sister, Right Said Fred, KWS, Jimmy Nail, Snap!, The Shamen (who were booed off at Highbury when they were part of Sky’s ill-thought out entertainment for the fans), Tasmin Archer, Boyz II Men and Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You (Unless You’re Bobby Brown Remix).

Charles and Eddy provided some redemption with “Would I Lie To You”.

So while you lot were listening to that, I had the following on my Walkman:

Open here if you want to listen in your web browser.

Title Band
What Do You Want From Me? Monaco
Tremelo Song The Charlatans
Confetti The Lemonheads
Turn Me On A Certain Ratio
The Bottle The Tyrrel Corporation
Sting Me The Black Crowes
Papa Won’t Leave You Henry Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Sheela-Na-Gig PJ Harvey
Hit The Sugarcubes
How to Steal the World Corduroy
Fade Away Stereo MC’s
Moses 808 State, Ian McCulloch
Television The Drug Of The Nation The Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy
The Only Living Boy in New Cross Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine
Little Bird (Are You Happy In Your Cage) Moose
Firepile Throwing Muses
Spaniard The Boo Radleys
Really Scrape The Sky Kingmaker
Rhythm and Blue Angel The Coal Porters
Changes Sugar
Man On The Moon R.E.M.
Kitchen The Lemonheads
Brother, My Cup Is Empty Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Needle Hits E Sugar
Fountain PJ Harvey
Motorcycle Emptiness Manic Street Preachers
One in Ten 808 State, UB40
Monty Got A Raw Deal R.E.M.
Love’s Sweet Exile Manic Street Preachers
Mountains of Your Head Buffalo Tom
Step It Up Stereo MC’s
Blue Eyes The Wedding Present
Do Re Me so Far so Good Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine
Avenue Saint Etienne
Armchair Anarchist Kingmaker
Free Range The Fall
Would I Lie To You? Charles & Eddie
Bull-Rush Paul Weller
Going Home The Tyrrel Corporation
Join Our Club Saint Etienne
Slow Dog Belly
The Legend of Xanadu The Fall
Papua New Guinea The Future Sound Of London
Flying Saucer The Wedding Present
Lazarus The Boo Radleys
Rosetta Stone Throwing Muses
Leave Them All Behind Ride
Taillights Fade Buffalo Tom
Can’t Even Be Bothered The Charlatans
Bitterness Rising Paul Weller


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