Times Of Our Lives: 1991 – Situation No Win

1991; the world at war, not globally but in the Middle East with Iraq invading Kuwait. Operation Desert Shield became Desert Storm which morphed into Desert Sabre. At the end, Saddam Hussein got his just deserts.

As the oil fields burned, the oil companies took their social responsibilities seriously and didn’t profiteer at all. No, perish the thought.

Elsewhere, cyclones killed 200,000 in Bangladesh and the Soviet Union passed into the history books, as did Apartheid in South Africa.

In football, pantomime villains, the FA, announced the 18-club Premier League would replace the First Division at the start of the 1992/93 season. And circus clowns Tottenham won the FA Cup but we didn’t give a stuff because Arsenal were champions!

And then Arsenal spoiled it with their Bond.

1991 welcomed:

  • Tim Berners-Lee WorldWideWeb browser
  • Plenty of 21st Century pop singers
  • And host of reality stars who I’ve never heard of before today
  • A few footballers I can’t quite place
  • And some whom I wish I could forget, like Eden Hazard
  • The FIFA Women’s World Cup

And we said goodbye to:

  • Freddie Mercury
  • Eric Heffer
  • The Communist Party of Great Britain
  • Margot Fonteyn
  • Graham Greene
  • Steve Marriott
  • Gene Clark
  • David Lean
  • Don Siegel
  • Stan Mortensen
  • Peggy Ashcroft
  • Joe Hulme
  • Cliff Bastin
  • John Arlott
  • Dr Seuss
  • Gene Roddenberry

And Charles Osborne, who apparently hiccupped continuously for 68 years from 1922 to 1990, quite possibly dying in 1991 because his left felt empty.

A depressing list of very bad songs being made popular by the British public, with no sense of shame or irony. Iron Maiden topped the charts, so did The Simpsons, Hale and Pace, Chesney bloody Hawkes, Cher, while (inexplicably) Bryan Adams was the most popular singer in the country for sixteen (16!) weeks.

And that after Jason Donovan had been Number One with “Any Dream Will Do”, which should have been the theme tune to the Nightmare On Elm Street movie franchise. Michael Jackson’s “Black Or White” launched a thousand quips about his addiction to plastic surgery while Freddie Mercury’s death meant Bohemian Rhapsody went to the top of the charts more than a quarter of a century after I got sick of hearing it the first time around.

A brief respite came in March when nine years after its’ original release, The Clash topped the chart with “Should I Stay or Should I Go”, which I’d forgotten about, to be honest. The number one bit, not the song; presumably there was some kind of popular advert involved.

So while you were listening to that lot, I’d gone my own merry way with this lot…

Title Band
Star Sign Teenage Fanclub
Motown Junk Manic Street Preachers
Idiot Joy Showland The Fall
Cindy of a Thousand Lives Billy Bragg
Into Tomorrow Paul Weller
Opportunity Three The Charlatans
Easty Risin – East Easy Rider Remix Julian Cope
Loaded Primal Scream
Spanish Heart 808 State, Bernard Sumner
Safe from Harm Massive Attack
Set Adrift on Memory Bliss P.M. Dawn
Apparently Nothin’ – 12″ Mix Young Disciples
Super-Electric Stereolab
There’s No Other Way Blur
Mary Quant In Blue The Dylans
Still A World Away The Popguns
Fashion Crisis Hits New York The Frank And Walters
Rush Big Audio Dynamite
Bloodsport for All Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine
Nothing Can Stop Us Saint Etienne
Revelation Kingmaker
Texarkana R.E.M.
Melting Pot John Mellencamp
Republican Party Reptile Big Country
Everyday People Aretha Franklin
Little Ghetto Boy Galliano
Letter to Memphis Pixies
Railwayed Kitchens Of Distinction
O-O Aet Thousand Yard Stare
All Together Now The Farm
Dress PJ Harvey
She’s My Best Friend The Wedding Present
Suzanne Moose
Missing The Moon The Field Mice
Fear (Of The Unknown) Siouxsie and the Banshees
(A Berlin) Drill Wire
Grip Inspiral Carpets
No Surrender Stiff Little Fingers
International Pop Overthrow Material Issue
Long Black Night Dave Sharp
Hey Amigo Havana 3 A.M.
Alive And Living Now The Golden Palominos
Someone To Love Roger McGuinn
The Other Side Of Summer Elvis Costello
Red Shoes Throwing Muses
Sit Down James
Take Five Northside
Judge Fudge Happy Mondays
Gangster Electronic
Moves Like You (Remix) Cath Carroll

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