That Was The Week That Was: Peace, Love & Understanding

A new feature begins today with a Friday playlist which reflects on the week gone by. The US President, I suspect, along with Brexit, will be a good source of material but spare a thought for Arsène Wenger, he’s made the list as well.

In fact he kicks the playlist off with The Jam through to The Rifles – which, admittedly, is not a long musical journey although this is something of a circuitous route. Peter, Bjorn and John begin Brexit and it ends with the Ting Tings, while David Davies and Diane Abbott are serenaded by The Burning Hell through Ian Brown. The rest is Donald Trump’s; it’s all his. You get the idea of how this works.

Back on Monday with 1991’s Times of our Lives.


Title Band
Saturday’s Kids The Jam
The Sound Of The Crowd The Human League
Same Old Blues Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band
(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding Nick Lowe, Brinsley Schwarz
Criticize Alexander O’Neal
Same Song The Higsons
Nobody Sees Me Like You Do Yoko Ono & The Apples In Stereo
In One Ear Cage The Elephant
C’mon Children Earth, Wind & Fire
Don’t Bother Me The Beatles
Golden Age Union Carbide Productions
Living Well Is The Best Revenge R.E.M.
Peace & Quiet The Rifles
Breaker Breaker Peter Bjorn and John
Crackpot History And The Right To Lie Adam Ant
There Won’t Always Be An England The Wind-Up Birds
Show You the Way to Go The Jacksons
Do It Clean Echo & the Bunnymen
This Will Always Hurt The Draytones
Embarrassment Madness
Shut Up and Let Me Go The Ting Tings
Fuck the Government, I Love You The Burning Hell
Please Don’t Touch Headgirl
No R.E.S.P.E.C.T. The Prime Movers
Laugh Now Ian Brown
Leaders Of The Free World Elbow
Your Sins Will Find You Out Eli Paperboy Reed
Media Messiahs Eddie & The Hot Rods
And You Tell Me Sugar
Shit & Lies Jon Langford’s Men of Gwent




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