Times of our Lives: 1989 – Stalin Malone

1989. 26th May. It was a huge moment, and like the Sex Pistols Free Trade Hall gigs, more than 200,000 attended. Given Arsenal’s habit of overstating the attendance of matches, did Liverpool get into trouble for a gargantuan understatement?

News that there is a new documentary on the cards is welcome, and mention of the traffic jam reminds me of our journey as we reached the outskirts of Liverpool to hear the moment the ball was cleared off the line. Such was our almost panic-stricken state that hearing Steve Bould’s name on the radio commentary made us assume that we were under the cosh. It wasn’t until we got to the stadium that we realised it was, in fact, Arsenal who had almost scored.

My befuddled state could also be while on the M6, we’d had the radio on in the van and around 5-6 pm, David Jensen – from memory – played The Men They Couldn’t Hang, in what I still believe is the only time I heard them played on daytime Radio 1.

It was, and remains, the only instance of that. Surprisingly, Round Table – was that the name of the segment – gave their new release the thumbs up. Happy days and surprising because TMTCH’s moment in the sun seemed to pass after Ghosts of Cable Street.

Phil ‘Swill’ Odgers and TMTCH are still going strong, gigging and recording. They are one of the growing numbers of artists who use Pledgemusic as a way of funding their new releases through pre-orders.

There’s a lot of music there and not always well organised regarding the search facility, but I’ve used it on some occasions for both Swill and TMTCH releases but also Echo and the Bunnymen, The Rifles and Bruce Foxton although The Jam book was still too bloody expensive for my taste.

Some of the interesting upcoming projects are The Who’s My Generation which at £30.50 is cheaper than a lot of places while Fresh Cream is a great album although I’m not sure it’s this great.

Others worthy of mention are:

And so to the playlist. The beginning of another Golden Age for me, music-wise. Cutting this to 60 songs was tough. 1990 is proving to be even more problematic in that sense! If the technical side of life has beaten me, you can listen to the playlist here.

Title Band
Back To Life (However Do You Want Me) Soul II Soul, Caron Wheeler
Fools Gold The Stone Roses
Hallelujah Happy Mondays
On 33 Stereo MC’s
Veronica Elvis Costello
Mayor Of Simpleton XTC
Made of Stone The Stone Roses
I really do love penelope Hey Paulette
Dizzy Throwing Muses
Debaser Pixies
Kennedy The Wedding Present
Lover, Lover, Lover Ian McCulloch
Always Saturday Guadalcanal Diary
Peace In Our Time Big Country
Splashin’ With The Mermaid The Mermen
Bed and Board The Prime Movers
Union Jack Big Audio Dynamite
Run 2 New Order
Brassneck The Wedding Present
I Wanna Be Adored The Stone Roses
Jackie Brown John Mellencamp
Battle of the Roses The Rainmakers
Me, Myself & I De La Soul
Pacific State 808 State
Round And Round New Order
The Big E A Certain Ratio
Here Comes Your Man Pixies
She Bangs The Drum The Stone Roses
I’m Alive The Prime Movers
Move Inspiral Carpets
Keep On Movin’ Soul II Soul, Caron Wheeler
50 Shades of Blue Edwyn Collins
Stalag 123 Big Audio Dynamite
Stalin Malone Elvis Costello
What Have I Said Now? The Wedding Present
Joe Inspiral Carpets
Compositions For The Young And Old Bob Mould
The White Hotel Ian McCulloch
Monkey Gone to Heaven Pixies
Cynical Days XTC
You On My Mind Swing Out Sister
This Woman’s Work Kate Bush
I Want That Man Debbie Harry
Can’t Be Sure The Sundays
Darling They Want It All Edwyn Collins
The 3rd Time We Opened the Capsule Kitchens Of Distinction
Wave of Mutilation Pixies
Orange Crush R.E.M.
Proud To Fall Ian McCulloch
Funky Cold Medina Tone-Loc
The Measure Of The Man Edwyn Collins
Getting Away With It Electronic
Love And Anger Kate Bush
Broken Heart (Thirteen Valleys) Big Country
She Comes in the Fall Inspiral Carpets
Dead Beat Descendant The Fall
Blues From A Gun The Jesus and Mary Chain
King For A Day XTC
Granadaland The Wedding Present
I Am The Resurrection The Stone Roses

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