More Than Two Million Voices


A brief interruption to the Times Of Our Lives series but vaguely related to the recent post on 1979.

Ahead of the final Presidential debate this week, the Guardian carried a piece about musicians cobbling together a protest against Donald Trump. The notion isn’t new; protest songs have been the backbone of music since before the lyre was first invented.

In England, Maggie Thatcher came along at just the right time, for music. Punk had liberated, her politics activated people in opposition to her and her policies, so in that spirit, a selections of those songs is below. And I emphasize that this is a selection; Elvis Costello and Paul Weller were both keen social observers in this time and frankly, both wrote dozens of songs damning Thatcher’s Britain.

Back with another in the ‘Times Of Our Lives’ in a couple of days…

Artist Title
The Larks Maggie Maggie Maggie Out Out Out
The Council Collective Soul Deep
Hue and Cry Labour of Love
Tears For Fears Sowing The Seeds Of Love
Elvis Costello Tramp The Dirt Down
The Faith Brothers Easter Parade
The Redskins Keep On Keeping On
The The Heartland
Morrissey Margaret On the Guillotine
Billy Bragg Between the Wars
The Blow Monkeys ft. Curtis Mayfield Celebrate (The Day After You)
The Specials Maggie’s Farm
The Beat Whine & Grine / Stand Down Margaret
Robert Wyatt Shipbuilding
The Style Council The Lodgers (Or She Was Only A Shopkeeper’s Daughter)
The Men They Couldn’t Hang Shirt of Blue
Newtown Neurotics Kick Out The Tories
Angelic Upstarts Two Million Voices
Pink Floyd The Fletcher Memorial Home
The Jam The Great Depression
Robb Johnson More Tea, Margaret?
Kitchens Of Distinction Margaret’s Injection
Heaven 17 (We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang
UB40 One in Ten
Barrington Levy Robin Hood
Simply Red She’ll Have To Go
Sinéad O’Connor Black Boys on Mopeds
Fine Young Cannibals Blue
Madness Blue Skinned Beast
Aztec Camera Good Morning Britain

The playlist is below or can be opened in your browser here.


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