Times Of Our Lives: 1972 – It’s A Record

A momentous year. It was the year when I was given my first record. I can’t remember who by but I’d guess it wasn’t by my mum; it’s not her thing. Subbuteo, football in general – yes; music – no. Anyhow, as first records go, it wasn’t a bad one. Not Rolf’s Two Little Boys which in recent years has taken on a more sinister meaning or something like My Brother by Terry Scott.

My cousin actually bought that single which scarred me; I can recall it featuring Scott in a schoolboy uniform although if I recall correctly, he was the ‘face’ of CurlyWurly’s advertising campaign in the 70s wearing said uniform – I may be confusing the two.

To give you some perspective, this is the woman who got me a yellow and blue football kit on the grounds that it looked like an Arsenal kit. The Everton shirt below is the closest I could find to the one I was given. A brighter yellow and no “EFC” badge. So, aside from having the wrong collar and cuffs, no Arsenal badge and being the wrong shade of blue, it looked like an Arsenal kit.

Close but no cigar, Mum.


I digress, which is of no surprise – back to the first record.

In those days, there were plenty of labels shoving out unwholesome compilation albums. K-tel was the biggest of them, Telstar another; a bit like the Now series of cd’s but a bit, well, crapper. There was a range of Top of the Pops compilations which featured ‘interpretations’ of the hits by such luminaries as the King Singers or some group like that. There was always a scantily clad woman of the front cover, wearing a bikini or hot pants with a crop-top knitted by her auntie Val.

Anyway, another of those labels was MfP – Music for Pleasure, with great pleasure, I give you my first record:

1972e-ride-a-white-swan  1972b-ride-a-white-swan

Yep, T.Rex Ride A White Swan. First record. Not a bad start, to be honest. I’m not sure if it was a joke on someone’s part, whether I obsessed with a particular song or just had a guardian angel. Whatever it was, a lifelong love of music was up and running.

So this is the first of today’s two playlists: Ride A White Swan – T. Rex

Not that it was the first foray into music. Like many of my generation, Saturday morning’s began with Junior Choice on the radio and a healthy dose of The Runaway Train, A Windmill In Old Amsterdam, the aforementioned My Brother, Ernie and assorted other staples. I have a feeling there was a Sunday show as well but honestly can’t remember.

And Top of the Pops was always on; it was a weekly ritual for millions who frankly didn’t care whether the artists lip-synched or if the BBC Orchestra was hopelessly out of key. It was a cultural event, destroyed by the music industry.

This is today’s full playlist, 1972 In All It’s Full Glory. This is a mix of what the older me would tell the younger me to listen to and what the younger me liked at the time.

Artist Song
Bobby Womack Across 110th Street
Kris Kristofferson Jesse Younger
The O’Jays Back Stabbers
The Osmonds Crazy Horses
Brinsley Schwarz Silver Pistol
Marvin Gaye Trouble Man
The Isley Brothers Brother, Brother
Sweet Wig Wam Bam
Slade Mama Weer All Crazee Now
The Spinners Ghetto Child
The Stylistics I’m Stone in Love With You
Al Green Let’s Stay Together
War Beetles In the Bog
Billy Paul Am I Black Enough for You?
David Bowie Starman
Aretha Franklin Rock Steady
The O’Jays Love Train
Thin Lizzy Whiskey In The Jar
T. Rex Metal Guru
Van Morrison Jackie Wilson Said (I’m in Heaven When You Smile)
Tim Buckley Sweet Surrender
The Rolling Stones Rocks Off
Terry Callier Ordinary Joe
Roxy Music Virginia Plain
Jimmy Cliff The Harder They Come

And here’s the playlist. Usual proviso: any problems, click here to listen in your browser.




One thought on “Times Of Our Lives: 1972 – It’s A Record

  1. OK, so it’s confession time. I always cite Electric Warrior as my first album. In my defence my Uncle Paul had it and I used to turn it over in my hands like it was a precious object (it was) long before I owned it myself. However before I got my hands on my own copy I was bought the MFP album. Like an Everton shirt it might have appeared on the surface as if it was the same thing but it just wasn’t.
    Thanks for this wonderful soundtrack to my Saturday morning.


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