Monkey To The Moon


Guilty as charged. Yes, it’s taken me, ahem, a while longer than I expected to come up with a new playlist. It isn’t actually that bit which is the problem; finding spare time during the initial group matches of Euro 2016 has been the issue.

But with a more congenial fixture list, it’s back to finding a regular routine for the site. The aim, laudable as ever, is for two posts a week; one at the weekend, one Tuesday or Wednesday which will invariably be a review of a favourite album or something about a band or other, but as those of you familiar with A Cultured Left Foot will attest, the fine ideas are often overtaken by work.

Yeah, and I’m aware it isn’t the weekend…

One of the joys of working from home is being able listen to the radio constantly. Aside from when the football’s on and then frankly, not a lot of work is getting done. Several stations, previously listened to sporadically, are regularly tuned into.

BBC Radio 6, with its eclectic musical tastes, has been the favourite with Lauren Laverne and the Radcliffe & Maconie show, particularly enjoyable. Ronnie Spector, featured on this week’s playlist with Tell Her No from her new album, English Heart, was interviewed by Laverne and was wonderfully batty.

Elsewhere, Mod Radio UK and Andy Lewis’ show on Soho Radio each Saturday between 1 – 3pm are well worth listens if you get the chance.

Blogs-wise, Iron Leg and Funky16Corners, both curated by Larry Grogan are regular haunts, with the former providing Tina Delgato Is Alive by The Real Don Steele for this week’s opener.

Other recommended sites are Ice Cream Man Power Pop And More, Retroman Blog, Mr Suave’s Mod Mod World, and last but no means least, Sid Griffin’s Calling All Coal Porters podcast.

A blogroll will eventually go up with these and more on.

Anyway today’s brief post is over and the playlist is below or here in your browser.


Band Song
The Real Don Steele Tina Delgato Is Alive
CTMF Turn and Run
The See See Big Bad Storm
The B-52’s Private Idaho
The Electric Prunes Sell
The Wicked Whispers Odyssey Mile
The Sufis All of the Time
The Sudden Death of Stars Free and Easy
Ronnie Spector Tell Her No
Saint Etienne Nothing Can Stop Us
Stevie Wonder Jesus Children Of America
Prince Buster Linger On
The Paragons Riding High on a Windy Day
Toussaint, Lee Dorsey What You Want (Is What You Get)
Lord Sausage The Devil Made Me Do It
The Coral Monkey to the Moon
The Box Tops The Letter
Jimmy Barnes River Deep, Mountain High
The Young Sinclairs Between the Summer and the Fall
The Holydrug Couple Counting Sailboats


3 thoughts on “Monkey To The Moon

  1. I am viewing this on an iPad and there is no playlist… this an iPad thing or part of a wider conspiracy.


  2. Afternoon Ewan

    Dunno what happened there but it’s working now. Have also put a link to the web browser version.

    Thanks for letting me know about the problem.


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