Party In Paris – Euro 2016 Shindig!


The backdrop to this playlist makes me wonder if I shouldn’t be quickly compiling a similar playlist for the Copa América Centenario, taking place in the Good Ol’ U S of A right now. A sunny morning with the lone cockerel crowing in the distance and somewhere a bedraggled dog is howling. I could quite easily be in a Mexican village, waiting for heroes and villains to plot their course across the barren and inhospitable landscape.

It’s been an interesting journey criss-crossing the continent to find songs and bands that I like. My god, our cousins across the English channel do like Europop, don’t they? Hardly surprising given the genre, I know, but the depths to which its plummeted make the depraved seem surprisingly human.

And heavy metal still thrives. So, surprisingly, does punk from behind the former Iron Curtain. I don’t know why I’m surprised at that; I just was. In fact, I didn’t know what to expect beyond finding some good bands out there. It’s interesting how stereotypes filter through when you’re researching these playlists. I know you’re surprised that any research takes place but it does.

The most interesting to me was reading about Hungarian psychedelic music and whilst there are plenty of outlets for that scene, sadly not many have made it on to Spotify. One thing is apparent that once you get past Europop and the club music which dominates the opening results of any search, there is a vibrant music industry across the waves so if these shores bore you, I’d highly recommend some time spent looking in less obvious places to sate your musical desires.

You can listen to the playlist using the widget embedded below the track listing or here in your browser.

Track listing:

Band Song Country
French Boutik Mieux comme ca France
The Amsterdams Taking Care Of Anna Romania
Mama Rosin Voodoo Walking Switzerland
The Glasses Signs to See Albania
The Hurriers Enjoy the Storm England
Lucidvox Ощущение Russia
The Hot Puppies The Girl Who Was Too Beautiful Wales
Elections in the Deaftown Sailors Slovakia
CAN Outside my door Germany
Make Like A Tree Happy B Song Ukraine
Bongostan Ludziska Poland
Robocobra Quartet Witch Hunt Northern Ireland
Octubre Un Millón de Dudas Razonables Spain
Lake Malawi Aubrey Czech Republic
The Away Days Best Rebellious Turkey
The Orange Strips Madras (Come Again) Croatia
Melon Galia Les Mensonges Belgium
The Mads What I Need Italy
The Blades Harder Times Republic of Ireland
The Men The Whippersnapper Sweden
The Legendary Tiger Man These Boots Are Made for Walkin’ Portugal
Teitur Magnússon Munaðarhóf Iceland
The Staggers Wild Teens Austria
CPG Aggyá Tüzet! Hungary

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