Long Agos And Worlds Apart


It started off with the best of intentions but as with everything else, this post was unceremoniously pushed to one side by life.

The first weekend playlist hasn’t got off to the best of starts but we’ll change that. Working from home recently and a birthday present of a Roberts DAB/Internet radio has given me access once more to a musical accompaniment to life. Mod Radio UK, Soho Radio and BBC Radio 6 so far, before you ask. Rays of bright sunshine through the conservatory window at once very welcome and a pain necessitating a change of writing position.

First world problems.

And lo there was a bright summery feel to the playlist as it arose. I confess that I thought it would be a cold day in Hell before Culture Club featured on these pages but no. Indeed, for a while it seemed to be lurching toward an 80s revival with The Jam and The Maisonettes springing to mind as following on.

The arrival of summer – and I know I’m jumping the gun somewhat with another three or weeks to go “officially” – always reminds me of my first holiday without parents when four gangly and sheltered sixteen year-old’s ventured across the Severn to Tenby for a week, which was hastily paid for from my first two months of work in my Saturday job.

Life was more relaxed back then with less fear, certainly in publicans for the only question asked on venturing into the first pub was, “You aren’t squaddies, are you? We don’t like squaddies here.” As eyes surveyed the empty public bar, the retort of “Nor anyone else by the looks of it” brought a sharp look from our inquisitor.

A swift pint was taken before finding more a more amiable lunchtime environ. Along the way, the iconic moment that signals summer: That’s Entertainment flowing through the airwaves. This being the mid-80s was most welcome and came, it emerged, from a twenty-something with a huge boombox on one shoulder. If you’re going mobile, that’s the tune to take with you…

The remainder of that week in south Wales has vanished into memories only surfacing occasionally or when photo albums are dusted off. Wearing a charcoal grey with burgundy striped shirt seemed like a good idea at the time; Kodak tells us otherwise and those shoes must have killed the feet. Four musketeers, rarely seen since the universities of life and the United Kingdom pulled us in separate directions.

But that’s what summers long ago are for: world’s apart indeed.

This week’s playlist, Long Agos and Worlds Apart, is below or can be found here in your browser.

’til next time.

Track Listing:

Wake Up Boo! – Boo Radleys
Dancing – Fay Hallam
Far From The Hurting Kind – Tracie
Church Of The Poison Mind – Culture Club
Town Called Malice – The Jam
Heartache Avenue – The Maisonettes
Black Man In A White World – Michael Kiwanuka
Pub Crawling Blues – Ram Jam Holder
I Can’t Get Enough (Of You Love) – Johnny Sayles
The Young & Yhe Old – Madness
(I’ve Just Found) Perfection – The Moving Sounds
My Small Faces And Kinks CDs – The Rising
The Glory Of Love – Primal Scream
Blackened Blue Eyes – The Charlatans
Long Agos And Worlds Apart – Small Faces
Riders On The Storm – The Doors
A Love Uprising – Stone Foundation
Your Love – Supergrass
You’ve Got It All – James Skelly And The Intenders
Do It Clean – Echo & The Bunnymen


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