Coins Inserted, Dad’s Jukebox Is On

In a previous lifetime, Dad’s Jukebox existed, I think, on the Blogger platform. Perhaps not and it’s not entirely relevant because it went to the great blog heaven in the sky.

The grand plan was to put out weekly playlists, some of which would be my favourite albums curated from a large selection of bootlegs. Live albums with a twist. And then everyone got in on the act. Mainly the bands and when that happened, the idea quickly became redundant.

A hiatus followed and a rethink was needed. It took a while…

In the meantime, Dad’s Jukebox existed as a weekly playlist on A Cultured Left but it needed to move out and is now making its own home here. The general plan is for weekly playlists to be given more than a contrived sentence in a football post, mixed with other posts about music I like.

Some of the thoughts will be autobiographical, others will be wherever my whims may take me. And they definitely won’t be organised into chronological order. That’s about the only certainty.

To begin with the Archives have been filled with the playlists so far from ACLF. You can find them here.

’til next time.


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